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Brazilian hairstyle.

How do keratin treatments work?

The Brazilian Blowout System is a unique scientific development utilizing nano-molecular keratin. Minute traces of vapor that possess extraordinary penetration capabilities enter your hair and completely fill any damaged hairs with

nano-molecular keratin particles. Then those nano-molecules are locked into your hair as additional vapor is infused, thus creating permanent, non-soluble keratin, that works and feels just like natural keratin!


The result is beautiful, soft hair with an amazing shine. You will notice that your hair seems healthier and easier to style as a result. Our system will absolutely revitalize your hair; it's as simple as that!

What are the advantages of this?

Using this method, the process of hair repair, coating and straightening is extremely quick and produces high quality results. This technique is also suitable for all hair types and does not damage hair quality; instead it repairs hair and makes it healthier.


No other method achieves the same results as keratin treatments. It will consistently result in beautiful, soft, shiny and healthy hair.

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