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See some common FAQs below

Is it possible my appointment could run late?

From time to time situations can arise that are beyond our control. We do our absolute best to maintain a strict schedule but there may be times when appointments can unfortunately run late. We will do everything possible to provide advance notice or give you the option to re-schedule when necessary.


Is it possible someone else will be working with me?

We always attempt to schedule your entire appointment with the same person. However, with varying schedules, the best way to sometimes accommodate your requested services is to schedule you with multiple people. We always attempt to provide advance notice of this when we are scheduling and during confirmation calls. It's also important to recognize we are a team. Whenever a team member may need assistance, someone else volunteers to assist, to make sure that your requested services are provided in a reasonable length of time. If you're certain you'd like to work with just one person it's best to schedule at least 3 months of appointments in advance.


How much should I tip you?

How much you tip is your choice. Tipping for service at a salon is typically handled the same way as a restaurant. On average, 10-20% of the total service is appropriate, but it is also dependent on how you feel about the quality of your service. In general, people do not tip for product purchases. All special occasion parties of 5 or more people will have a 20% gratuity automatically added to their total. Also, any special occasion parties that are using social media coupons must tip 20% of the value of the pre-discounted price. Otherwise, their credit card will be charged the difference.


Are all appointments confirmed?

Yes, appointments will always be confirmed 1 to 2 days before they take place.


Is there a cancellation policy if I can't make it?

Yes, we do insist on a 24-hour cancellation policy if you are going to be unable to make your appointment. We will charge 50% of any service to your credit card if we are not given 24 hours notice, so please call and let us know.


Are refunds available?

If there is a problem with your service, let us know. We will do anything that we can to rectify the issue. Please do not see another salon to alter the work that was done. Also, we do not pay for any unsatisfied customers to go to another salon. Products purchases cannot receive a cash refund unless they were never opened. We prefer to provide you with a credit for a new product.

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We compiled a list of FAQs to help you

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